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Hooded Bath Towels

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Steve and Natalie said...

We received a Hot Pink Hooded Towel for my daughter's first birthday as a gift. It really was the perfect gift for a first birthday. I had a few hooded baby towels that I had been using previous to that, but she was growing out of them as she reached her first birthday. I still wanted a hooded towel for her though, because she loved being all bundled up and being able to "wear it". But, I couldn't find any bigger hooded bath towels at the stores, so I was very excited to get this one for her birthday, and so was my daughter! It came with her name embroidered in Yellow right on the pocket and she has absolutely loved it! It is a full sized towel and is very soft and absorbent, so it does the job well. It gets her dry and warm quickly. We loved it so much that we got a second one. I really recommend having at least 2 of these towels, especially with a younger child who isn't potty trained, because you never know when you are going to be drying them off and end up with an accident right on the towel. Which then creates an immediate need for another bath and another clean towel. It has now been over a year and a half since we got our first towel and I can say they are very good quality! They wash very well, the seams are all still very tight and I haven't had any fraying with the towels or the embroidery. I actually have been hanging this towel by the hood on a hook (which I know they don't recommend doing, in order to get the longest life out of the towel) but mine have still held up great despite even a little child tugging now and then. Another nice thing is that because of the hood, my daughter loves to "wear it" around after a bath. That is nice because now that she is older, I can put it on her head and drape it around her and then ask her to go into her room and start drying off. Because of the hood, it stays on and she can get started getting dry. That is super nice, because as moms, we need all the help we can get, especially when we're in a hurry to get the kids bathed and ready. I really recommend this as a "Must Have" for anyone with young kids!