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Hemstitched & Receiving Baby Blanket Reviews

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Have your flannel baby blanket personalized with your child's name!


Steve and Natalie said...

I'm so happy with my baby blanket!!! I was expecting my first boy last April and wanted a really cute blanket for him. I had already had several great experiences with this company and so I knew they were the ones I wanted to have make it. My mom had already gotten me a bedding set from a store that had a fish theme. But the blanket it came with, although it was cute, it wasn't very soft or inviting for a baby. So I talked to Kim at KNH Designs about making me a blanket that would be soft & perfect for my little baby boy. I looked at all their fabrics posted on their website but when it came down to it, I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted. I contacted Kim and explained that I wanted his name embroider on the blanket and I wanted something that would look cute with a "fish" themed nursery. I told her I couldn't decide what might look the best and asked her to just pick something for me, I told her I knew whatever she made would end up looking great. Boy, was that an understatement! She not only picked really cute fabrics for me that worked perfectly with his room and bedding but she even custom designed a fish graphic which she embroidered on the blanket along with his name! It is adorable!!! And then to top it off she hemstitched the edges for me, which gave it a beautiful finish! One of my friends was telling me just the other day, how hard she has been looking to find a blanket that is already hemstitched and couldn't find one anywhere (I highly recommended KNH Designs to her). Kim even made my blanket in such a way that I can bundle him up in the blanket with the more colorful side showing and still have his name and fishy design showing right side up. She never ceases to amaze me how she thinks of every little detail. It is also very soft and looks oh, so cute in his bed! But my only problem is I have a hard time leaving it in his bed because I want to bring it everywhere my baby goes, so I can show it off!

Ashleigh and Jason said...

I had KNH Designs make a baby blanket for my close friend's first baby. It matched the baby girl's room perfect! The blanket was so soft and addorable!! My favorite part was her name embroidered on it.KNH Designs did such a good job.

Unknown said...

The blanket is just what I ordered and looks great. Would it be possible to tell me if you have a store or sell out of your home? If you are in the SLC area I travel there frequently and would love to look at your fabrics.

Thank You
Margo Wallace

HomefrontHolidays said...

Love the blanket and the burp cloth, such a great value for the fabric and time put in also. LOVE IT! cant say it enough. Will definitely purchase in the future!

jenniferchristine said...

love it!